live classes

Current Weekly Classes:

Tues. 4PM (1-3 yrs)— Busy Bodies 1004 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Thur. 4PM (6 mon. - 2 yrs) — The Sutton 959 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10022

When i was a tot, i had a grown up friend who came and said hello to me everyday and taught me wonderful lessons. His name was Mister Rogers. Since the Neighborhood left the air, there has been a need for a consistent grown up friend to give our tots unconditional love, kindness, and creative ideas for how to be a good person.

This is what Tepper’s Tots is all about, having that consistent grown up friend to have fun playing music, making art, and learning about kindness, compassion and generosity every week.

Each class is themed with a life lesson (e.g. trust, listening, giving) which i craft into an art piece, some music, and a puppet show. The classes are also supplemented with free Youtube lessons i post every weekday to create the consistency that aids to our tot's development.

Click “Howdy Do!” below to organize your own class (i travel to you!) or inquire about joining a class already in session.