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today’s episode

Howdy howdy my friends!

i’m Tepper, the friendly fool behind Tepper’s Tots, a children’s art education and entertainment hub.

i create daily Art educational videos for elementary tots and provide that consistent grown up friend that has been missing from children’s entertainment since Mister Rogers retired.

Currently Tepper’s Tots is entirely self funded and self produced. i need your help so it can grow and spread the message of kindness, love and curiosity to the new generation.

A favor to ask, will you help by contributing your feedback. 10 minutes is all it takes and helps exponentially. Just visit the “feedback” tag above and loosely follow the directions.

With all of us working together, Tepper’s Tots will grow into a home for children’s edu-tainment that will encourage our tots to trust who they are and learn what their special place in this world is.

i look forward to hearing from you all, and until then, as you ramble on through life, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the doughnut and not upon the hole.

tepper saffren — howdy@tepperstots.com