Like Mister Rogers and Raffi, i do not believe in advertising to children. This means i will not monetize my Youtube videos and allow Youtube to place ads on my videos. This also means i have no way of funding these videos so i can keep creating them.

i need the help of sponsors like you to create funding for this important form of art for our children.

You can do this by:

  1. contributing a monthly donation to our Patreon Page (patreon.com/tepperstots).

  2. sponsor one of our episodes.

By sponsoring a video, you will have an image card for your website or company at the end of the episode, appealing and advertising to the parents watching the videos with their tots. You will also get a say in what you want the theme of the episode to be! If you’ve been wanting to see an episode on empathy, or zoo animals, or how children can deal with separation anxiety, we will collaborate together on the theme.

Your logo will also be placed on our sponsors page, so everyone can see how kind you are to help create this type of genuine and kind children’s programming.

So click on the “howdy do!” button below and let me know a little about yourself, your company, and why you want to help generate this type of content for the new generation.